#116 I Look Forward to the Challenge

I’m soaking wet.  I walked out of the gym today and it’s pouring raining.  Soaked to the bone.  I’m on a new 800-meter lunge streak at 19 days.  Just two days ago I PR’ed my 800-meter time at 19:51.


The Challenge

I know that I'll be a mild freak show at day 30.  I know that I’ll be an ultra-fucking freak at day 60.  I know I’ll be yoked out of my mind by day 100.  I already know it.  I'm obviously super committed.  Mentally, I'm feeling better, but I like the challenge that I know this is going to be uncomfortable. 

It's uncomfortable because it's fucking Thursday, and I'm a little tired.  It's uncomfortable, but I'm not tired, the body’s just a little tired.  It’s uncomfortable because it's fucking rainy outside.


Get Through

You have to get through it.  The compounding effect of a streak is what counts.  Metabolically, mentally, and physically.  I’m addicted to the challenge.  I kind of like the fact that it was raining.  Flip it on its head.  You have two ways to look at it.  “Fuck, I’m tired.  This sucks, it’s raining.” OR “It’s fucking raining, let’s go.”

It's just like 49ers legend Jerry Rice says.  "I'll do today what others aren't willing to do so I can live tomorrow like others can't."  It’s something along those lines.  Are you willing to do what must be done today to advance yourself tomorrow?  That’s what it comes down to.


Embrace It

Get excited when it rains or when it’s cold.  Embrace it, no matter how long it takes you.  Look forward to the challenge and don’t give in.  Days like this make your mind hard.  Is my mindset always that way?  No, but is it more often than not.  Conditioning your mind to be okay with the discomfort is the ticket to growth.

It's going to make you better.  It’s going to separate you from the pack.  It’s going to help you achieve the goals you’ve set.  It’s going to get me yoked out of my fucking mind.  I'm going to be the motherfucker at the pool, drinking beer and eating wings and looking jacked.  I'm going to be the motherfucker that takes life by the horns and wins.  


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