#117 The Move of Old School

by Daniel Walter

If you aren’t aware, we are closing the Pataskala location of Old School Gym.  We’ll be moving to a different facility and to an invite-only structure.  This is the evolution of what we do, right?  Super-hardcore gym and Max Effort Muscle under the same roof.  A Super HQ that is on some next-level shit.


The Dream

This doesn’t mean that leaving the Pataskala location isn’t sad or hard, because it is.  That location was the dream.  Some people look back to my MusclePharm career and the gym in Denver.  They think that the gym there was my dream.  It wasn’t.  My first personal training studio wasn’t my dream either. 

The one I’m living right now is the dream.  The hardcore gym.  The way we do things in an unapologetic way that is unique to us.  We’re not following anyone; we have our own style.  Two of my idols have been to my gym: Arnold and Louie.  Powerlifting meets, elite totals, D1 athletes, and pro athletes.


Memories of OSG

The best day of my career was when I shot the cover for Fitness RX.  Not only were we shooting this cover in my own gym, I had my kids right there with me.

Dexter Jackson training at my gym after coming in 1st or 2nd at the Arnold Classic that year.  Watching Tim Herald hit a good morning at 700 pounds.  Having Louie watch me squat 700.  The Muscle Trifecta where I almost got broke on my third squat at 500 pounds.  The Get Swole trainer from the MusclePharm days.  The Blueprint to Mass Trainer.  And then we squatted every day.  The trial and error, the belief, and the understanding that this was the ultimate dream.


The Future

The excitement of the unseen and what’s to come.  This is where I stand out.  I’m okay with change and the uncertainty.  I understand that we’re back to a blank slate and creating from scratch.

We decided to move forward with an invite-only, private facility for only serious motherfuckers.  That’s what I want.  Now, if you want to come visit, you can still hit us up, but it’ll be a different process than before.


A Step Up

We’re upping our game.  We’re leveling up.  Previously, we didn’t own the building at the Pataskala location or the old Max Effort.  Now I do.  I can’t run the risk of someone else uprooting my shit.  It took me years to find a building that still has the vibe.  To find a building where we could build something great.  The big boy business pants are on.


New Chapters

Although a chapter is closing, a new one is beginning.  I have an incredible amount of love for all those people that trained at OSG, visited, and competed.  Old School Gym has represented a dying gym breed.  It’s hard to find people that train the way we do.

I want people that know what’s going on, that follow what’s going on, and are 100% serious about being there.  It doesn’t matter how strong you are, it matters how much work you put in.  It matters how much you help your teammates and training partners.

If you have the opportunity to train at the new spot, bring your A game.  It’s only going to get better.  The dreams continue.


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