#13 Who is Lying to You?

Who is Lying to You?

Interesting right?  Who's not telling you the truth?  Who are you listening to?  Well, do you know who's lying to you, motherfucker?  You're lying to yourself.  

I'm going to tell you a story about how I lied to myself two days ago and how it worked out.  You may have seen some stuff on social media with my involvement with donating a gym to the local boys and girls club.  I’m super proud I was in a position to do this sort of thing.  On the other hand, one thing I’m not proud of is that I didn’t donate my one hour of time that’s required per month.  I’m a busy cat, but I ain’t that busy.  I might have donated an entire facility, but I think it’s important for me to be in the mix too.

There was one spot this month that was available.  There are amazing trainers there that are donating time, but one spot.  I tried to lie to myself. "G, you’re too busy with the Arnold."  Of course, the Arnold ended up being closed down.  I'm was lying to myself.  One spot.  All the trainers are emailing, "Hey, we need somebody to take this spot up."  I'm thinking to myself, "Hey man, you’re too busy."  So, I said, "Hey, you punk-ass bitch, sign up for the spot."


Being Nervous

Part of it was me being a little nervous to train fourth and fifth graders because I train adults.  I don't know how mean I can be to young kids that aren't mine.  I'm just being honest with you.  So, I signed up for the spot.  I go in there prepared and it was fun and extremely fulfilling.  

And here's kind of my point: on the way to there, as I'm talking on my IG about "I'm signed up for the spot.  I'm excited about it.  I'm about to go.  It has my last name attached to it, and my wife and I are very involved.”  And then local news guy, Camera Fontana, sees it and he hits me up the next day. 


Fighting Through Comfort

I want to explain how and why I didn’t listen to myself, how I fought through the comfort, and finally, show you what it can yield you over time.  My brain is lying to me, "Yo, you're busy.  You're too busy for this." 

I do it.  I kill it.  He sees it.  He hits me up.  "Hey, I want to shed some light on this.  We have seven, two-minute live spots tomorrow.  Let's cover the Boys and Girls Club.  Let's go to Old School Gym.  We're going to roll with you all morning."

We talked to the Boys and Girls Club.  I holler at him like, "Yo, can you get some kids there in the morning?  They're going to shine some light on what you guys are doing.”  Amazing staff.  All of these people work incredibly hard, and now they’re going to get a little shine.  All because I didn’t listen to my comfortable self telling me to stay in the comfortable bullshit.  I didn't listen, I did what I knew I should be doing.  You see what I'm saying?  


Do What You Need to Do

We were out last night with a party till midnight.  I got up at three and was at the gym, got back to town, and just finished my lunges.  I was thinking to myself like, "Oh, G you have to go home and get a shower."  I've been looking fresh on the daily fires, but no, it needs to be done right now.  I'm lying to myself that I need all that.  What I need to do is bring the fire.  What I need to do is tell a story.  I'm hoodied up, just got back from the track, and now I’m telling you what happened yesterday.


Can’t Lie to Yourself

I did what I was supposed to do, and as a result, many people outside of myself benefitted.  My kids, the program and the other people involved.  The day was long, but amazing.  I was lying to myself lying to myself.

I was nervous about the Arnold the shutting down and no one showing up, but I ultimately didn’t let that stop me.  For one brief second, it did.  I told Trey, “Fuck, I’m a little nervous no one’s going to show up.”  About 15 minutes before the time hit, people started flooding in.  It was amazing to feel such good vibes from people locally.  Some of my friends, family, and other people that support me.  It was awesome. 

We hold ourselves back and lie to ourselves all the fucking time because we're scared.  We are scared.  I was nervous and scared.  I just said, "Fuck all that.  I'm going to do it anyway."


It Works

Every time I do that, it works.  It just did the other day.  All of the news exposure, all of those good vibes.  There are 15 kids that were on the news this morning.  Do you know how cool that is when you're a kid on the news?  And they wouldn't have had that opportunity just because I was nervous to train them because I thought it was busy.  The fuck?  Yet, we do these things all the time.  

If you’re actually the one lying to yourself, you are the one holding you back.  It’s no one else's fault.  I need y'all to check yourself today for sure and know that you're doing this all through your life, all over the fucking place.  And if you could just do it a little less, it's going to work out in your favor.  There's a set of rules out here that the world works by, and when you follow them, shit happens.  When you don't follow them, it doesn't.  Be more conscious of this stuff.


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