#135 Lessons Learned Through Interning

by Daniel Walter

Be Flexible

Whether you’re in an environment like Max Effort, or a typical corporate environment, it’s important to be flexible.  You must be able to go with the flow and roll with the needs of the business.  Not only does adaptability and flexibility help in the office environment, but in all other areas of life as well.  Being able to adapt to the situation at hand is a highly valuable skill to learn.


Speed + Organization

Be the fly on the wall.  Take in as much as you can going on around you.  Help implement the changes when they’re needed and learn how to be better organized and efficient.  Embracing this role can lead to making suggestions on how to better approach some of the problems that the business may or may not have.  How can we do this better or more efficiently?  Can we cut down the time here?

Organizing the products alphabetically and in different bins.  Less packing and restocking time.  Every little improvement helps and saves a bunch of time.


Working Hard

If you work an internship, hopefully you’ll get to experience an environment of hard work like we have here at Max Effort Muscle and CoryG Fitness.  An environment where people work hard but have fun doing it.  That’s the standard.  Regular exposure in an atmosphere such as this will make you want to work even harder.  It makes you want to buy in even more and be a part of a team.


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