#142 Execution and the Body of Work

My personal training studio was my first spot.  After the first two or three years, I was in that same spot.  I kept making it better month after month.  Relationships with my clients continued to improve.  I started to realize that each person that walked out that door was a billboard for me.

Things began to form into a complete body of work.  This is my training. This is my diet.  This was my motivation.  This was my spot, and this was the way I started my body of work.


Six Years

Starting at T3 Personal Training, I had been in the game for six years.  Six years just working with clients, executing, and developing my skills.  Every day when I walked in the gym, I wrote down a crazy pump workout.  I had this little $5 shelf and a small plastic bin.  Every day, I wrote down a banger fuckin' workout and put it in the bin.

I would train 30 people in a day.  We'd all go based off that version of the workout, adjusting for those people that needed it.  I had a new workout at the ready every day.  If I'd run into a day where I wouldn't have any ideas, I would just look through it and pick one out. 

Well, guess what?  Doing that every day paid HUGE dividends.  I had hundreds of banger workouts at my fingertips.  I was putting in the body of work, the foundation, while refining my skills.



In 2010, I had the opportunity to do free content for a company I started, MusclePharm.  MP started in 2008-2009, but things started to get real in 2010 with social media getting more and more traction.  I had my daily workouts ready to go.

That’s when I began content marketing with free workouts.  People all over the world were now able to access my workouts for free.  People start screenshotting and sharing through their social media posts, and boom!  What started with my clients in my 900 square foot personal training studio in Reynoldsburg, OH, now was worldwide.



Then, bodybuilding.com says, "We should shoot little mini movies with these.  Do you have any ideas?"  "Oh yeah.  I've been saying swole forever.  Let's do the Get Swole plan".  Up to this point, they’ve never shot a 12-16 week trainer.  The Get Swole Trainer was born.

Now I have people in India, Ireland, and the military doing my workouts.  Not only this, but I’m also instructing and doing the workouts alongside them on bodybuilding.com.  The Get Swole Trainer has over 28 million page views.  It changed everything with my career.


The Long Game

It all started with one person at the gym that needed a unique workout.  From there, layer after layer was built upon the body of work.  A lot of you have come down this road and there's a reason why you're here.

Think about the long game.  Focus on consistent, incremental improvements.  The small wins add up into something significant.  Where you start doesn’t matter.  What matters is where you finish. 


You Can’t Skip

You can’t skip the middle of the process.  You can’t jump from the starting line to the finish line.  I couldn’t jump from my 900 square foot studio to owning Max Effort Muscle.  It doesn’t work that way.  Personal training studio, Old School, free workouts at MusclePharm, leaving MusclePharm, to starting CoryG Fitness and owning Max Effort.  I’m talking about over 20 years of hard work.


It's Hard

It can be difficult to grasp how to get from Point A to Point B.  Most people don’t want to put in 20+ years.  And I get it.  But this is my passion.  This is what I do.  What’s your version?  How does this next thing get just one notch better?  How long is it going to take?  12 months, two years, or five years?  No one knows, but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is getting one notch better every single day.


The Blueprint

Arnold Schwarzenegger is flying to Europe.  We’re doing the Blueprint program together, but I wrote the entire program.  He barely made any changes to the program I laid out.  We launched The Blueprint after the Get Swole Trainer.  How many page views?  50 million.  That’s my point.  Although this may sound like an extreme example, understand that everyone can have this version of body of work. 


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