#149 Fear and Anger

Fear & Anger… two emotions that can drive you in either direction.  If you’re fearful and run away from a situation, that means you’re not taking any risks, which means it’s harder to grow.  If you’re angry about a situation, you can run the other direction, or you can use it as an excuse.  The alternative?  You can learn to use both as a driver of growth.


Since the Beginning

I’ve been through great times and bad times.  If you’ve followed me on social media for a long time, you’ve been able to catch a glimpse.  Through the ups and downs, I’ve been able to identify constant variables.

I’m fearful of big situations, but I don’t let them hold me back.  I'm fearful that it'll go back to the way it was.  I never want to be back in that trailer again.  I never want to be living paycheck to paycheck.  I never want to be in a job that I don't like.  I don't want my family to operate that way.  I use the anger of those former situations as a driver.  A driver to get through the fearful situations as they come up.

Buying this building, buying out an old business partner, making changes with Max Effort, and investing in new opportunities is all uncharted territory.  I use the fear and anger to my advantage.  I know the work is going to be difficult, but if I properly utilize these emotions, then I’m unstoppable.



I was angry about being in that trailer.  I was angry about not having any money.  I was angry about the financial IQ not being there.  I was angry that we weren’t living out what was truly possible. 

I could have just been mad at the world, continued to go down the same path, and doing the same shit.  And then guess what?  So would have my kids and their kids, until someone changed course.  Fear of change, and anger as a negative emotion is going to keep the same cycle going, not to mention, it’s easier.  I could have stayed in the coal mine making $900+ each week.  I was making decent money, and coal mining was in my blood.  It would have been easy to give in.  It would have been the comfortable route, even though the work is uncomfortable.


Being Uncomfortable

I was comfortable with my work, and I started to realize that I wasn’t going to grow from that situation.  With there being no internet and no fitness idol to look up to, this made things even more difficult.  There was no template to follow. 

I was scared to tell my family that I was going to move to Columbus to try this personal training thing.  At this point, the only person I looked up to in the space was Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I didn’t know him yet.  I was just reading muscle magazines.

You have to dig real deep in these types of situations.  Put in the work on yourself.  Doing so will allow you to harness it at the right time to take it to a new level.  I didn't get here by accident.


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