#157 Transition Periods w/ Will Koedatich


One of my long-time members at CoryG Fitness, Will Koedatich, recently dropped 50+ pounds, changed his life, and looks and feels completely different.  Many people out there have dropped 20-30 pounds, but dropping 50 changes things in a dramatic way. 


Does This Sound Familiar?

When it comes to next-level body and personal confidence transitions, what’s the determining factor?  What’s going to help you get into the next tier?  Think about when January rolls around each year… everyone wants to make their New Year’s Resolutions and drop weight, right?

Your internal dialogue may go like, "All right, I'm going to lose it. This is going to be the year."  April rolls around, you're doing awesome.  Probably down 20-25 pounds.  And next thing you know, you start to get a little comfortable because now you're down 25 pounds and your jeans fit a little bit better.  People are starting to drop you compliments here and there.  And then you get into that groove again, five months go by and all of sudden, that 25 pounds you lost is now only five pounds.  You start to feel depressed, and now you’re right back in the same cycle.


Why Are You Comfortable?

Why do people fall for complacency?  Why do people relax?  For me, it’s the opposite.  When I see it, I'm like, "If I fucking do it even more, than I'll separate myself from the rest of the population." 

Flat-out, many people don’t think they can get to that “next level.”  For Will, he never had abs in his life.  He’d go through the aforementioned cycle and be happy with just that. 


The Shift

When he got back to the summer months, he was down 25 pounds again, and maintaining.  He wasn’t going up and he wasn’t going down in weight, despite work being busy and the pandemic killing our social lives.  During this stressful time, it was about maintaining a baseline.  If that means Will had to go home and have a bit of ice cream, that’s what it was.  The caveat here is that he had to take care of all other variables.

January came around again, and Will knew it was his time.  He was rolling into the New Year at a weight he usually reached in April.  That’s right, he was at the lightest weight ever to start the year.  He turned it on and never looked back.


Key Game Changers

Lunge distance, lunge intensity, and the time involved.  Hitting the mark on these factors every day was the key.  Is it easy to do your lunges every day?  Absolutely not.  They aren’t easy and they always hurt to some degree.  There’s never a shortage of excuses to not do them… the weather, the gym’s busy, my back hurts, etc.  No matter what, you can’t miss.  Going on a streak and not missing is what has made all the difference. 

People went from saying, "Hey, Will, did you lose weight?"  to, "Holy shit, you look completely different.  What are you doing?  Wait, you lost 50 pounds?"  Not just 50 pounds, but a healthy 50 pounds. 

The level of confidence now present is unmatched because he finally has that dream body.  It’s not just one thing.  You must put together all the pieces of the puzzle for things to work.  It’s not just the training, or just the lunges, or just the diet.  Everything must be aligned.  Will took something that was good and made it great.  That feeling is addictive.


Good to Great

Many people fall in the “good” category.  I want people to strive for the “great” category because you will experience a newfound confidence.  That’s exactly what Will did.  As someone who didn’t carry the weight well, it took going to the extreme to make the dramatic changes he was after.  His transformation is one that many people can identify with.  Take a look.

Seeing transformations like this is inspiring, especially when you walk in and train with people like the #4amcrew.  There are some straight freak shows here.  Half of them look like fucking trophies at this point.


What’s Possible?

Will set his goals and got after it, simple as that.  He wanted to be sitting in this chair, wearing that watch, and feeling and looking this way.  It’s all become a reality.  It’s super exciting to see.  It’s the oxygen for me as a content producer.

The more Wills that are out here like billboards representing what's possible, the more all of this stuff will be successful.  Because the reality is the word of mouth from guys like this is way more than any fucking Facebook ad we can run.  It's just the fucking truth.


Just Don’t Miss

Put in the work every day.  Don’t miss.  Get up early, hit your workout, hit your lunges, and get to work.  The rest of the day will fall into place from there.  I always talk about the “Holy Grail” of lunging and Anabolic Fasting.  Once you get there, you can still go out on the weekends, go out to dinner, drink beer, etc.  You’ve put the work in and built up the momentum.  You’re locked in.  As long as you stay within the guidelines, you’re good to go.


Trust the Process

Will’s 177 and shredded now.  What’s interesting is that he looks way bigger than that because of his muscle fullness.  Muscle fullness makes you look and appear much bigger.  I look way bigger at 190 and shredded, than I ever did it at 240.  You know what I mean?

People can be close-minded in this area.  They block it before they even give it a chance.  They think they’re going to be small and starving.  They think they are going to struggle to keep muscle on.  Who wants to be the person who can pull 405, but look awful and depressed when you take your shirt off?


Putting it Together

It takes work, discipline, and time.  Will never had abs.  His family never had abs.  So, to get to that point was the holy grail.  He’s been following me for over nine years now, but it really clicked and came together this past year and a half.

He saw the content, workouts, diet, etc., but didn’t want it bad enough.  Will it be tough in the beginning?  Yes, more than likely.  But guess what?  Each day starts to get just a little bit easier.  Then the momentum builds.  Is it better to suffer for 30 minutes because you can't have a piece of pizza, than to suffer for the next 24 hours because you feel like shit for that piece of pizza?


Build the Steam Engine

Look at this as if you’re building up the steam engine.  Think about suffering now so later you can have the grail and not feel guilty. 

Quick story…  I was on a cruise, and I was getting fucking hammered one day.  My kids were on the water slides, I don't know what Rachel was doing, and I was just getting buckets of Sam Adams.  For some reason, as I was drinking, I kept getting tighter.  I looked like I was about to do a show.  I was fucking yoked. 

And finally, after about an hour of this guy watching me, he comes over and goes, “Bro, I don't know what the fuck you figured out, but I've watched you eat and drink for the last two hours.  What the fuck is going on?"  And I was like, "Well, I'm doing this fasting thing."  It was really early in the process too. 

This is the kind of flexibility I’m talking about.


Go All-in

Don't try your own version.  Don’t tweak this or that variable.  Just listen, follow the process, and see what happens.  Give it 30 days, come back to me and tell me how it is, and I guarantee you there's going to be no complaints.  You're going to love where you're at. 

Another layer of discipline for Will involved buying a watch that he always wanted.  I said, “Go buy that watch that you've always wanted, but you can't wear it unless you lunge."  That’s the deal.

For me, I couldn’t drive my car unless I lunged 800 meters every day.  Having this daily accountability was a complete gamechanger.  I even told the guys in the office, “If I don't drive the car, that means that I didn't lunge today so you should talk shit to me."  Try it out this strategy.  Find out what moves the needle for you.


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