#180 I’ll Do That When This

What’s That Mean?

It means I'm going to wait to put forth this effort when this happens, or when I meet that person, or when I get in that position, or when I'm at that level of followers, or when I get to that.  What are you waiting on?


Stop Waiting

Enforce the effort… NOW.  Don’t wait until you get this many followers.  Don’t wait to do this book when you get this many followers.  Well, what happens if you write the book, and it brings the people that then want to come and train? 

The linear path doesn’t exist.  Things don’t happen the same exact way every single time.  What is that burning passion inside of you that you need to make happen? 

There’s no great time.  No one's going to put you on.  No one is going to open up the door and throw out the red carpet.  You have to force these things to happen.  You have to make them happen.  You can’t wait for X to happen before you do Y.  You just need to do it.


Find the Time

It’s easy to put things off.  Maybe you have Thanksgiving coming up, so you’re going to wait to start cutting weight.  Or maybe you’re going to wait just one more month before starting that project.  The list goes on. 

Why are you fucking waiting?  Stop putting off things till tomorrow that can be done today.  Find the time, make it happen.


What it Really Means

It means that you’re one day further from achieving your goal.  Another day passes, then another.  There’s always next Monday.  That’s a dangerous way to live your life.  Living this way will unquestionably create regret in your life.

Guess what?  Most people procrastinate so long that they never even start!


Create What You Want to Create

Create what you want to create.  It's almost like waiting until you know the person from Sony Records before you create the song.  It doesn’t work that way.  You create the song first.

For example, there are multiple books that I want to write.  I keep thinking, “Let me wait until I meet that person from Random Penguin House.  Or until I’m on The Tim Ferriss Show.”  How about I create such a motherfucking banger book series that these people are calling me?  That's the mentality that I'm starting to get back to.


Developing Ultimate Confidence

I’m obsessed with the idea of ultimate confidence.  Personal confidence certainly has its peaks and valleys, but I aim for the peak every day.  And if I can continue to raise the valley floor, I know I’m on the right path.  I know I’m in the right pocket to becoming a more confident person. 

This is how I keep pushing forward every day.  The content and material I develop is great because it comes through helping others.  I know it’s up to me to keep putting in the reps to get better.  It’s up to me to constantly be curious. 


Next Level Impact

Through these inputs comes next level impact.  And through that next level of impact, I'll get everything that I've ever wanted.  I know this because I feel like I’m at this level right now.  It never gets old. 

Just know that it's constant.  There’s no defined time.  It's not when you get to a certain spot, it's now.  It is fucking now.  



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