#198 Be the Unicorn for Your Friends

Who’s It Gonna Be?

Who’s the person in your group who has their shit together?  Who’s the person in your group that can lead the rest?  Who’s the person that everyone is looking up to? 

I’m talking about the person that is training the way they should be training.  I’m talking about the person who eats healthy.  I’m talking about the person who is reading, listening to podcasts, and self-educating.  I’m talking about the person who has great relationships with their family and friends. 

I’m talking about the person displaying discipline in all walks of life.  This person still goes through the trials, the tribulation, and the turmoil in their life – just like everyone else – but their accountability and discipline keep them in check.


Be That Person

Everyone has that friend that they can draw a bit of inspiration or motivation from, right?  Make that person YOU.  Be that person for your friend group and family. 

For me, I do this for a living and on a larger scale.  But I also do this for my immediate family and friends as well.  They know they can reach out because they know they're going to get the answer they probably don't want to hear.  I’m direct and to the point.  No sugarcoating.  It’s a healthy check.  Let’s face it, we all need someone that can check us from time to time.


The Power of Discipline

What do you think happens when you sign up for the #IWANTABS Contest and start displaying healthier habits and more discipline in your life?  Chances are, they are going to spread to your immediate family, your friends, and to your co-workers.  People want to be around winners, plain and simple.

Discipline = winners.
Discipline is rewarded.

When you start displaying discipline, and the results start showing up, people are going to want to be a part of it.  People can feel if you’re that unicorn or not.  IN a world full of undisciplined and soft people, be the unicorn.  Be the outlier, stand out, go get what you want, and be the unicorn.


What Do You Want?

Do you want to be in a different size pants?  Do you want to have abs?  Do you want to feel healthy?  Are you currently addicted to feeling not very good?  How about getting addicted to feeling good?

Here’s what happens.  People ask me if I want to eat this or want to eat that.  I know what I'm going to feel like if I eat certain foods.  I know I'm going to fall asleep.  I know I'm not going to have as much energy.  I know my insulin's going to dive out.  I know I'm going to feel like shit and be in a fog.  Unfortunately, that’s the norm for a bunch of people out there.  I stay disciplined so I can feel good and stay cranking at high levels.

The unicorn doesn't do what everyone else does.  Although you may not be the unicorn of your group yet, you can be.  Start bringing your A game every day.  Show up and be the leader.  Ask for the ball, don’t shy away.  Bring up the people around you.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s one person or 20 people.  At the end of the day, someone has to step up and it might as well be you.  Be the Unicorn.


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