#201 Ask Yourself This Question

I'm out here finishing my 800 meters in the snow, and I was thinking to myself, "Why am I here?  Am I here because of you?  Am I here because of my family?"

Yes, I am because there's a responsibility of my position.  I’m here to prove it to myself for when I let myself get out of shape, when I let myself get weak, and when I let myself down.  I'm here to prove that I'm willing to do hard things to get what I want.


I Do Not Care

I don't care about the alarm clock at 3:00 AM.
I don't care that it's fucking snowing out here while I’m lunging.
I’m here to prove it to me.

I want to do hard things because on the other side of a hard task is a blessing.  When you can make it through, when you can persevere, when you can push, you can get what you want.  Choosing the alternative – being soft and comfortable – gives you absolutely nothing.  It’s just the way it is.

I'm the guy that loves to put my boots in the car because I'm excited to lunge in the snow.   Now, would I rather be 80? Of course.  But the reality is this is a task at hand.  This is what needs to be accomplished.  And this is what it is.  

So, I want you to ask yourself a quick question today, are you fucking letting yourself down?


Are You Letting Yourself Down?

Are you letting yourself down when you get up every morning and you see what you see in the mirror?  Are you letting yourself down with not getting that promotion at work or building that business?  Are you letting yourself down with what The Alchemist says, "Going to live out your personal legend?"  

Everybody has a dream.
Everybody has something they want to accomplish.
Everybody has dreamed about things that are possible.

And are you willing to give that up?  I know I’m not, what about you?

I’m pushing every day for an opportunity to be great one day.  With zero guarantees.  I’m not entitled to anything.  All I know is that I’m going to put in the work required and that I want to fucking win.


Do You Need to Prove Something to Yourself?

Go ahead, ask yourself.  Stop letting yourself down and go get it.  What’s even better is that you’ll motivate the people around you to get better.

When I don't get what I want, when I don't look the way I want, when business doesn’t go the way I want, I’m forced to work on me.  I’m forced to push myself to get better and grow.  I’m forced to put in the work that will give me the best possible chance to win.

That's how you must look at it.  So, ask yourself, "Am I letting myself down?  And if I am, how do I fucking change it?"    


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