#212 Reps & Belief

Reps & Belief

Reps on Reps

I self-published my first book in 2006. My second book in 2015. My third book in 2022. I started my first podcast back in 2015. My second podcast in 2016. Business & Biceps ran for a few years.

I’m not saying this stuff to sound arrogant or overconfident. What’s the point then?

The Reps.

Reps on reps on reps. The reps helped to transform me into a more confident person. And because I became more confident, I was better equipped to believe in myself.


The Belief is REAL

The belief runs deep. I believe that I can eventually get a book deal with one of the massive publishing houses. I believe that the podcast network is going to continue to grow.

Reps + Belief.

Why do I keep writing more books?
Why do I keep doing the podcast?
Why do I keep pushing?

It’s because I need reps. The more reps I put in, the more confident I am, and the more I believe. I’ve seen some crazy shit happen and I already believe it's possible.


Reps = Opportunities

I haven’t missed a week of lifting weights since I was a sophomore in high school… and I’m about to be 44 years old. Consistency + Reps = Opportunities.

I know what the reps yield me. And that’s why I’m going to continue putting them in. I’ve learned so much by putting myself in the trenches. I’ve learned so much through my experiences and relentless mentality. And I believe that I can teach many more people.


Going to Keep Pushing

I’m going to keep pushing. I’m going to keep putting the reps in. One day the right person is going to hear it. Might be today, might be tomorrow. I’m on that mixtape grind. 

Two years of the Roundtable Podcast. Two years of putting in the reps with the crew. I’m so proud of those dudes. Reps and time on the mike. Cole, Trae and Danny. Man, they basically got their own characters now.

Reps breed confidence. Confidence breeds belief.

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