#214 Tackle the Situation Head On

Tackle the Situation Head On

Everyone Has Anxiety

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety. Some more than others, but no one is immune to feelings of anxiousness entirely. I wouldn’t consider myself a super anxious person, but I’m not going to sit here and act like I never have these feelings from time to time.


Gotta Handle It

What about those things on your To-Do list that you keep putting off day after day after day? Guess what? They aren’t going away. That alone can make you increasingly more anxious because you’re putting off something that is inevitable. You’re putting off something that must get done eventually.


Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Take a deep breath and go straight for the jugular. Go head-first, straight down the middle towards the problem or the thing that you keep putting off. This isn’t about trying to be “tough.” This is about handling your shit and moving forward. 

This is about handling the situation.

You know you’re going to have to do it at some point, right? Why not right now? It’s only going to rent space in your head and bother the crap out of you if you keep putting it off. You know it’s holding you back.

Who wants to hold themselves back? If I feel like I’m being held back, I’ll immediately spring into action and tackle it head-on. Every time I tackle shit head-on, there’s always been a blessing on the other side.

You know it’s going to suck, but it’s time for you to rip off the band-aid. The quicker you get started, the quicker you can move on.


Tear Off the Band-Aid

The day when I was done at MusclePharm, I just got up and knew it. I didn't deny it for a long period of time. I just said, "Man, fuck this. I'm going on to the next thing. It's time for me to move on. I'm going to tackle it head-on and go."

Look, I’m far from perfect. I don’t get it right 100% of the time. Some things in my life I should have handled quicker than I did, but it just is what it is. We’re all human.

It’s time for you to muster up the courage and strength to say, "I'm going to tackle this shit head-on. I'm going to handle it. And then I'm going to keep it moving. 

Take off the restraints. Leave the ball and chain behind. Keep moving.

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  • Dylan S

    I really needed that kick in the ass this morning. Love everything about this

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