#23 Three Fifty-Eight AM

Early Pandemic Thoughts:

Y'all know I've been crazy getting up at 3:00am for years, right?  As there's some challenges with our new schedules, I've been getting up at all different times.  I've still been getting up somewhat early, but I set my alarm for 4:00am when I went to sleep last night with the intention of getting back into some sort of my normal successful routine.  I woke up at 3:58am with no alarm clock, excited.  I thought to myself, this a good start.


Not the Same

If I flip it back to yesterday, I woke up at 6:58am, which is still early.  I think the sun rose fully at 7:25am yesterday.  I checked on it because I wanted to do some videos outside.  I just didn't have the same fire.  The stillness wasn't the same. But at 3:58am, I woke up and couldn’t wait to blaze the day ahead.

The stillness brings together these thoughts of creativity.  I won today because I had the intention to get up and do something better than I did yesterday.  So, it's not really about the time.  It's about the two ways to operate right now.  There's the, let me just get drunk all day, I ain't really got to go to work.  Not really making anything happen.  On the other hand, there's that seize the time and the day and go make something happen.  Today, I felt that again.  I always normally felt like this, but I haven't as much lately.  Today the passion came back.  It came back today because I intentionally said 4:00am, which turned into 3:58am.  


All About Intention

I didn't do my normal early morning workout because I'm not at the gym.  I'm going to train outside later because I enjoy it, which will be something new for me.  I decided to work on my weaknesses this morning.  Let me work on a little stretching.  Yeah, you heard me say it.  A little stretching.   

Let me do something for the first 45 minutes today that I know is going to contribute to my success.  That I know is going to wake up my brain.  That I know is going to get me fired up for today.  That I know is going to get the creative juices flowing.


The Difference

The difference between 3:58 and 6:58, is staggering.  So, I'm going to challenge you guys.  Many of you are sticking with the same routine, but many of you are not.  I’m sticking with it now because it was successful to this point.  Why would I change it?  Seize the day.  Go 3:58 versus 6:58.


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  • Chance McGrath

    Thank you Cory for keeping it real. This is my testimony…For whatever reason the quarantine we all faced in 2020 is what blew up my morning routine. Every time I brought my kids to the gym on the weekends the gym owner would always tell them how their Father is his most consistent gym member. It’s been driving me crazy that I have not been able to get it back on track. Didn’t help that my gym ended up closing too. This past week I told myself to stop being soft and wake the f*#% up! 5am lifting weights in my backyard with my shirt off just hits different and sets the tone for what ended up being my most productive week in a long time.

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