#24 Twenty-One Days


Do it for 21 Days

I talk about habits all the time.  A client of mine way back in the day, probably when I was like 21-22 said to me, "Hey, Cory, it takes 21 days to create a habit."  I was thinking, "Is that for real?"  He was like, "No, I'm telling you."  This man was a salesman named Rob Dunsmore, who had a large impact on me early in my career.  He said, "G, whatever you're trying to make a habit in order to be more successful, do it for 21 days."  I was like, "Oh, shit, okay."  Even at 21 years old, I took Rob’s advice to heart.  Even though we hear things like this all the time, I thought it'd be helpful to elaborate on the effectiveness of this principle with my career. 


Add & Subtract

I add and subtract from my daily schedule.  Meaning, I’ll stick with a habit for 21-30 days to see what it yields.  From there, I’ll either keep it or subtract it.  Operating this way in regard to my daily routine has allowed me to achieve my goals to be more successful.

What does a habit have to look like?  Does it have to be running five fucking miles every day?  No, it doesn't have to be anything crazy.  It can start off as much as reading one page out of a book or I'm going to listen to one short podcast each day for the next 21 days or I'm going to write a letter to someone that I care about.  You just need a starting point.


Walking Lunges

Whether you’re new or not to Max Effort or CoryG Fitness, you’ve probably seen me doing walking lunges every day.  My longest streak in my career is 303 days in a row at 800 meters.  At this point, the habit of lunging is deeply rooted to the point of being 100% habitual.  I just keep rolling.  It can be walking, running, or lunging.  If you’re going to ask me, I’m 100% going to tell you to lunge.  You’ve never done them before?  Day three, it's about to test you.  


Think About It

What can you add to your life for the next 21 days?  It doesn't have to be record setting or groundbreaking.  Just put a couple of things down.  I'm going to challenge you today.  Just put a couple of things down on a piece of paper and see what happens.  Why not create these small little habits that can potentially turn into something significant?  


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