#240 Find a Strategy - No Matter What

Find a Strategy - No Matter What

No Matter What

I woke up and it's downpouring. 
I say to myself, "Wait for it to lighten up."

Then I thought to myself, "What are you talking about?” I went into problem-solving mode. “All right, what’s the strategy?”

I needed my phone to listen to one of my go-to staples, How to Raise Your Own Salary by Napoleon Hill. And if I went outside without a strategy to keep my phone dry, it would be 100% destroyed.

I threw my phone and keys in a tarp bag I found in the garage and headed out the door. It’s funny because I couldn’t even find a sandwich bag, hence the tarp bag. I decided to go barefoot because my shoes would have been drenched anyway.


Find the Strategy

Going into problem-solving mode and constructing a strategy is how you win.

And the best part? It applies to literally everything.

Once I figured out my strategy for lunging outside in the pouring down rain, I became excited. I could care less that it was raining outside. Choosing to go outside rather than stay inside is a win. 

Choosing discomfort, and leaning into that discomfort, is how you win.


The Body WANTS Comfort

Our body is programmed for comfort. Modern society sure isn’t doing us any favors with convenience at every turn either. You have to fight this urge with every decision you make… every day.

Why am I excited to go out in the rain? Because it’s a separator.

That’s why Lunge & Learn is so important. Lunge & Learn gives you the opportunity to sharpen your body and mind simultaneously. Not to mention the endomorphic release and state that you achieve post-lunge. Your mind is free and clear to absorb, learn, and to be creative.

The system is hard to do but easy to get addicted to.

It’s hard to get going at the beginning, but easy to get addicted to because you’re getting addicted to feeling good.

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