#25 Fight For Stillness

Can you think of a minute during your day that’s actually still?  Here’s what happens… we wake up, we scroll, we get busy doing this or that with the family, or we dive deep into Netflix.


Clear Your Mind

We're obviously stressed about our jobs, the state of the world, our finances, and we’re scrolling endlessly on social media.  But are we taking a second to just be still?  I'm not asking you to be a Buddhist and fucking meditate.  I'm not asking you to do that, I can't do that.  

Take a minute.  When you wake up, after your workout, or with your morning coffee.  Whatever it is, take a minute to clear your mind.  Take five or ten minutes.  Don't listen to music or the radio or to podcasts.  Just be still.


An Example

Right now, I'm lunging uphill 650 meters every day after I squat or do my workout.  When I walk back, I take my time.  Let's say it takes, I don't know, four or five minutes.  I walk nice and slow.  I take my headphones out and just focus on a bird chirping or the wind blowing through the trees.  I think of nothing.  

I try to do these types of things to let the stressors and excitement drop.  Being still allows you to collect your thoughts because there is a lot happening in our day to day lives.  There’s a lot of noise.  Your thoughts must be organized, and they must have action based around them.  


Wiped Out

Social media has wiped the stillness from most people.  You may think that this isn’t the case with you.  You might be listening to me right now like, "Yo, G, you tripping.  I'm still all the time."  But are you?  

I challenge you to just be still for the next two or three minutes after you read this.  Focus on the birds, the wind, and nothing else.  Take a deep breath and let the thoughts leave your mind.


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