#254 The Operation is Where the Value is

The Operation is Where the Value is

What About Luxury/Material Items?

Don’t get me wrong, material items are nice to have, but in the end, they are just that… things. A lot of people immediately will think, “It’s easy for you to say that. You have these things.” 

Sure, I have a few luxury items that enjoy – especially growing up in a trailer that cost $150 per month – but it’s all about the way you want to operate. The operation, the freedom, the passion, and the love for what you do every single day.

The operation is where the value truly is.


Fighting For What You Love

Where’s the real value? The real value is fighting to do what you love every day. You’re not fighting to acquire material items. You’re fighting live out your passion and to have a positive impact on other people.

Fighting to acquire material items is focusing on the short-term. There’s no impact. There are no positive lasting effects.

It’s okay to want this or that item or to reward yourself, but it’s not the end all be all. For example, I set up a rule that I’m not allowed to drive my car if I didn’t lunge 800 meters that day.

If I didn’t adhere to my nonnegotiable habit of lunging 800 meters, then I don’t get to enjoy that item. Plain and simple.


How Do You Want to Operate?

Not operating the way you want to operate? That’s okay, but you must start asking yourself these questions if you want to change the way you operate.

Can I operate the way I want to operate? Can I do something that I’m passionate about? Can I have the freedom I want to have? Can I take care of my family? 

The nice house, nice car, or nice watch is the icing on the cake… it’s not the real sauce though.

Build out a plan for how you want to operate. Once you worked out the plan, it’s time to execute. This is how you win. This is how you operate the way you want to operate in the long term.a

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