#264 Non-negotiable Wake-up Times

 Non-negotiable Wake-up Times

Waking Up Early is Important

Although I’m on the borderline psycho side when it comes to wake-up times, I believe that getting up early is extremely important. 

For starters, my wake-up time has evolved over time. It didn’t start at 3:20am, Monday through Friday. I’m not gonna front, I try to sleep in till 6:00am or 7:00am on the weekends.

There’s at least a three-hour difference between my weekday and weekend wake-up time. And right there is where the difference lies.


The Wake-up Time Evolution

My wake-up time evolved over time out of necessity.

When did I used to wake up? 7:00am. I gradually moved that time earlier and earlier due to having more kids, being busy with work, and training more clients.

About 10 years ago (~ 2012) was when my training time fully shifted to 4:00am. That kind of training time means I have to get up at about 3:20am.


4:00am is Next-Level

Switching my training to 4:00am took everything to a whole new level I didn’t know existed.

Now, that 4:00am training time is non-negotiable.

It’s set in stone. I don't go to bed on Sunday night and think, “Am I going to go on Monday?” It's not an emotional decision.


Make Time for Yourself

What’s the easiest way to make time for yourself? Get up earlier. 

It doesn't matter whether your wake-up time is 8:30am and used to be 9:00am, or 7:00am and you used to get up at 7:30am.

The point here is to get up earlier, so you have time for yourself. Doing so will allow you to exercise, train, listen to personal development material, read, or catch up on whatever you need to catch up on. 

Even though you may not love getting up early, it’s a necessity for your body and brain.


Start Embracing It

We all need time to ourselves.

We need time that can’t be stolen from us. From our kids, work, spouse, family, etc. Start reframing your perspective to one where you need to get up earlier. Start embracing the discomfort of getting up earlier. 

No one is taking anything away from you. You’re actually giving more back to yourself. Once you start focusing on that, it changes your entire outlook. It goes from negative to positive. You become more grateful and thankful that you can get up earlier to work on what you have going on.

Personally, I feel blessed to be able to get up and train in the environment that I created. It that took 20 years to get this way. The competition of the #4amcrew, being able to push as a real powerlifter, understanding strength training at a deep level, and helping other people through content.

I get excited to push myself and make myself better.


Predictable Results

I know what the process yields. I know if I put in X, I’m going to get Y. It’s become that predictable. I’ve proven the principles I preach many times over; not just with myself either. There are literally thousands of success stories at CoryG Fitness.

Find out what your version is. What is your non-negotiable wake-up time? Build your plan in your head, then write it down. It could be you wake up at 5:00am during the week and 7:00am on the weekends. It doesn’t matter. 

What matters is taking action and staying consistent with it.

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  • Tom Dahm

    Cory, I had the pleasure of training with you for a couple Beats & Barbells events some years back and that second one is when I was on my way out of training altogether. In fact, one of my last big deadlift pulls was with you.
    I’ve recently come back to it just as you said here… OUT OF NECESSITY. I’ve put on massive amounts of weight and while Im definitely trending down, I find my schedule getting too layered on top of one another.
    I say all this to say thanks for this post. Remembering the 4amcrew is just the direction I need to move toward. Making space is something I think is crucial for myself to not feel like training is just another line item to check off to keep the day moving.

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