#273 Imagine the End at the Beginning

Imagine the End at the Beginning

Goals are great and all, but what if you took a slightly different approach?

Instead of simply setting a lofty goal, what if you instead imagined how you wanted to eventually operate at the beginning? 

I’m talking about seeing things before they happen. I’m talking about starting at the end, then reverse engineering the process on how to get there.


Lift Weights & Get Paid

Where did this start for me? I wanted to lift weights and get paid. That’s it.

Knowing what I wanted with certainty helped me to figure out how I would get to that point. I started asking myself questions like, “Would that make me happy? What kind of business does it take to operate this way? What kind of numbers do I need to hit?”

At the beginning, this translated to me accepting as many clients as I could handle. I was trying to get paid to teach people how to lift weights. That’s it.

That eventually morphed into starting my own facility. I didn’t want to listen to anyone. I wanted to walk in every day and drop my keys on the desk, no questions asked.


The Gates Were Opened

Shifting my mentality and thought process to imagining the end at the beginning completely changed everything about the way I operated. 

How would it feel to have 30 people coming through my gym paying me what I used to make as a coal miner? 

Where did I want to live? What’s my commute look like? What’s my lifestyle look like? When do I train? How do I eat? How can I positively impact more people? How do I want to operate? 

Literally everything changed.


It Never Stays the Same

It doesn’t stay the same, especially as you get older, and priorities change. 

What time do I want to go into the office? How far do I want to drive? What do I want the office to look like? Who do I want to work with? Why do I want to work with them? What do I want to build? What do I want for my family time? How do I want to operate? What's the end look like? What's the 80 and 90-year-old CoryG look like?

Work backwards. 

Working backwards allows you to figure out exactly what you have to do to make it happen. Asking yourself these crucial questions now will impact your day-to-day decisions and set you up for the future you want.

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