#32 Constant Curiosity

Be curious constantly.  What's that really mean?  A lot of people think that being constantly curious is a bunch of fluff.  Oh yeah, you’re curious about what?  Everything. Being constantly curious is how you continue learning.


The Stock Market

I've been studying stock market for the last couple of years and have been diving deeper into the energy sector.  As a result, much of time has been centered around learning about crude oil and deals going on with OPEC.  This subject has both intrigued and interested me, and I wanted to know more.  I didn’t know why I was so curious about this subject, nor did I understand it.  I simply wanted to gain a better understanding of my investments.

It's the same with my diet.  Why do I eat sugar at this time and not at this time? Same with training.  Why do I alternate deadlifts each week and utilize the conjugate method?  Why did Westside do that?  Why do amino acids do this?  Why do proteins do that?  It's a constant curiosity.  


All the Resources

The resources available today are practically limitless.  Let me turn the clock back to when I graduated high school.  My resources for bodybuilding and powerlifting were literally magazines.  Powerlifting USA, Arnold's Encyclopedia, and magazines.  That was it. 

You can learn a great deal by sifting through the sea of information and content you seek.  With this great amount of information comes a great deal of misinformation, so it’s important to tread carefully.  Everyone has a voice now with virtually no limits.  

Just this morning I was on YouTube learning about different parts of the pectoral muscle and how to make sure I can get bigger gains.  Sounds super bodybuilder meathead, but that's the truth.  I was gaining a better understanding of the lower pec because I get the question all the time.  Now, I'm able to give an informed answer and create a routine that directly affects the lower pec to create a harder look between the pec and upper ab.  Don't you think that's valuable?


30 Minutes

All it took was 30 minutes.  Thirty minutes to gain a deeper understanding of oil and how it works.  Thirty minutes to learn more about the pec.  What are you curious about?  What do you want to spend 30 minutes on?  I understand it’s a broad question, but that’s the point.  What are you curious about?  Name up to 10 things you want to know more about.

Then execute.  It’s not that hard everybody.  It doesn’t have to be 100% serious all the time either.  What if I wanted to learn fucking basket weaving?  I could eventually figure it out and weave you a motherfucking basket.  You see my point?  Everyone has a list of things they're curious about.  Everyone has a list of things they want to know more about in order to make them better. 

I bet the motherfucking internet has the answers somewhere.  I’ve never really thought it about it, but I’m constantly writing down and making lists of things I want to learn more about.  Your education doesn’t stop the moment you walk out of high school or college.  The stuff around your craft, your hobbies, and you as a person, is always there.  Scratch that itch. 

Take pride in going deeper on new and existing areas.  Be curious constantly.  Doing so will make you better-rounded.  You’ll start to understand more of what’s happening out there in the world.


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