#39 Battling Daily Self-Discipline

This is something that everybody on the planet deals with every day.  Some more than others.  I can't always tell you why, but some days just feel a little off.  Now, there's a level of expectation of self-discipline I have on myself, even on my worst days.  Hitting my daily minimum expectations means I’m winning.

I’m always competing against myself, no one else.  That's why it's interesting when people ask me, "Hey, do you know what this company does?" Or, "Do you know what this other fitness person does?"  Maybe I'm aware of it, but I'm never really on it, because I'm really competing against me and the expectations of myself every day.


Uncovering the Norm

Uncover the norm and continue to push.  I strive to incrementally improve on the things that I already know work, and then let them compound over time.  There's a baseline of expectations set.  It then becomes a question of how can I push that limit?

What about tomorrow?  Think about when you get up each day.  Do you feel incrementally better than you did last week or last month?  I can’t tell you exactly why, but everyone goes through these waves, especially with the news cycles and other current events. 

Yesterday I had a certain level of expectation.  Today’s expectation level needs to be higher.  One day closer, not one day further.  Not meeting expectations sends you in the wrong direction.  You see what I’m saying?

Am I taking myself one day further, or one day closer, to the life that I’m trying to create for myself?  This question constantly runs through my head when I’m thinking about my daily actions.  Diet, training, work, and failure.  Your personal system of checks and balances.


Behavior = Future Results

Am I giving eight-seed NBA type push, or am I the undeniable one-seed?  Not only a one-seed, but a fucking dynasty?  Am I a dynasty-level thinker?  Am I the 1970 Steelers?  Am I the 49ers of the 1990’s?  Am I the Patriots for the last 20 years?  The late 90's Yankees?   

Is it that mentality, or am I barely making it to the playoffs?  Once again, it doesn't happen in a day, or a week, or even a year.  It happens over a long period of time, compounded.  Demand a minimum daily expectation out of yourself.  It’s a daily battle of self-discipline.


Winners Win

Winners continue to win because of their expectation levels.  So, what kind of effort are you giving towards your goal(s)?  Is it barely in the playoffs, or is it a four-game sweep in the championship?  It may fall somewhere between, but you have to push hard to be in the upper tier of expectations.


Long Game

Dedicate to the process of the craft for the long-term.  The habitual process will lead the charge of incremental growth.  There’s no one on this planet that hasn't experienced this process and hasn’t been successful.  They create habits, continually follow them, establish expectations, and then get to work.


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