#40 We Talking About Studying

We talking about studying.  Let me put some background around this.  I was a terrible high school student, graduating with a 2.1 GPA.  I wasn’t great in college either.  I actually got a D in my advanced weight training class.  Reason being, I fell in love with Rachel and I didn't go to class for a few months.  

Almost no one wants to study.  I wanted nothing to do with it, and neither do my kids.  Sometimes it’s like talking to the wall.  It’s just how it is at that age.  Here’s what I didn’t understand…  I didn’t understand that there were subjects that I could learn about that I actually wanted to study.  Things that would enrich my life.  Things that would help my craft and help me be a more confident and better person.  I simply had no idea.


Top Books

What are your top 10-20 books?  What do you have in the library?  Do you like reading the physical book, or are you an audiobook guy?  What are you listening to?  What books have been the most influential for you?

How do you study these books or audiobooks?  You have to go deep.  You can’t skim through once and get the full message from the author.  You have to drill the material multiple times.  Just like with any skill, you have to see it and live it.  You have to apply what you learned to see what does and doesn’t work for you.

How to Raise Your Own Salary by Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill, and The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie told by Napoleon Hill, are two of my favorite books.  I've read and listened to it at least 10 times each.  I reference it when certain things in my life are happening that I need to reconfirm.  For example, if I need a refresher on the principles of self-discipline, I’ll go straight to the chapter on self-discipline.  If my thoughts aren't as organized as I would like them to be, I go right to the chapter about organized thought processes.

These two books serve as reference manuals.  I read, listen, and study the content over and over in order to find the nuggets that I can apply in my own life.  It's the same in the lifting world.  The Westside Method, John Broz, and the things I learned from Arnold are a few examples of my study in the lifting world.  I’ve tested, applied, and produced my own twisted versions as a result. 


Study Habits

It takes a significant amount of time to create a healthy study habit.  It’s funny to think that my study habits growing up were complete trash.  I didn't know how or where to start.  Looking back, one huge problem was that I didn’t enjoy the subjects that I was studying.

Once I finally made my way to exercise and fitness, I started to enjoy it.  I wanted to understand why they programmed their workouts a certain way.  I wanted to understand the ins and outs of the Conjugate Method.  I wanted to understand the background of Bulgarian training.  My studies began to have a purpose.  I wanted to see what having a regular, positive thought process would yield me over time.


Andrew Carnegie

I wanted to understand how Andrew Carnegie built his empire.  I wanted to understand the principles Napoleon Hill was teaching.  I wanted to understand the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki about liabilities and assets.

I went deeper to find the main message.  Only then was I able to apply it to my own life.  Once I understood and applied the main message, I began to help and teach others what I had learned.


What’s the Result?

How do you get results you want?  Consistent actions compounded over time.  Consistent actions give me more experience and a better understanding of different risks and scenarios.  You’re better equipped to take on any obstacle thrown your way. 

It's just like someone's diet, right?  Someone comes to me and they really just don't understand the body.  They're eating all these different things because they don't really know what it does to them.  Part of my process requires you to be your own science project.  Through trial and error, you will eventually find the winning formula for you. 


My Recommendation

Find the things that you want to learn more about.  Strive to attain a deeper understanding on those items.  Don’t just read, study.  I’ve been on a journey of deep study with Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill since my early 20’s.  That’s what it takes.  They aren’t joking when they say it takes 10,000 hours of experience to become an expert.

I thought studying was whack.  I wanted no part in it.  What I didn’t realize at first was the impact that it could have on my life.  I didn’t understand the power of studying if executed properly.  Develop a strategy and get to work.


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