#49 A Reward System

Many don’t have a reward system in place.  Some may not need one, but some definitely need a reward system.

What’s It Look Like?

Sounds elementary right?  Most people will work harder, and even over-deliver, when there’s something at the end of the rainbow.  It’s why successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs have their goals outlined, A to Z.  Reward systems are also relevant outside the business arena, carrying over into all walks of life.

It's part of the reason why I compete in bodybuilding shows, powerlifting meets, and photoshoots for magazines.  The date is on the calendar, and I know that there is a reward at the end of the tunnel.

People used to ask me, "But what can that be for me?" And I would say, "If you lose 20 pounds, book a vacation.  If you lose 50 pounds, book the trip on your bucket list."  Set up something that makes you, on the day where you don't want to do it, on the day when you don't want to be there, on the day when you feel like shit, that you still get it done because the system is in place.  


They Don’t Do It

So many people trip out on this concept and just don’t do it.  Little do they know how much of a difference-maker it can be in their lives.  It doesn’t even have to be something material.  It just has to be something that works for you.  What moves the needle for you?  You know yourself. 

What's going to move the needle for you on the worst of days?  What's going to move the needle for me instead of drinking on a Wednesday when I'm not supposed to?  What's going to help my self-discipline?  Enter the reward system.



I created something I call, The Dunk & Gold Chain Project, which is designed to help me dunk a basketball again.  It's just funny, because that's kind of what my personality looks like.  I’m always ripping off old hip-hop covers for my workout programs too.  It’s just in my nature.

I've been wanting a gold chain.  Not something crazy, but if I'm going to call it the Dunk and Gold Chain Project, then I’ll make the gold chain the reward.  I’ll start to look at that reward on the days where I don’t want to do the extra knee tendon and sled work.  You see what I’m saying?


Dangle the Carrot

Dangle the carrot, then go get it.  I want you to conceptualize the compounded effect of implementing a rewards system in all areas of your life.  What do you think this will compound to each month, year, or a decade down the road?

Your actions will compound, you’ll continue to hit your goals, and you’ll get that carrot.  And sometimes the carrot gets super big.  If or when that happens, just know that it’s not everything.  It doesn’t fill you up all the way.  It’s a small burst of gratification, especially with material items.  On the other hand, if you have a deep interest in watches for example, then it can serve as a daily reminder of how you accomplished something.

You’re not limited to material items.  Another way to approach this concept is to look at your business scorecard.  The scorecard is in the numbers you are doing. 


Ultimate Happiness

It’s about the love of the process, and in turn, the pursuit of happiness.  It's about the happiness you achieve through the process of uncovering things about yourself that you're willing to do.

Figure out something that you want to make happen.  Set it up with an attainable goal that's going to push you to another level.  When you reach it, book it, get it, or buy it, it will be worth it.  Then it’s onto the next thing.  Following this process consistently over time can yield crazy results!  


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