5 Reasons to do the #IWANTABS Contest

#1 Drive More Accountability

Everyone needs to be more accountable.  When a timeframe is set, it creates more accountability.  It makes you not miss that extra workout; it makes you not cheat a day early.  It makes you more disciplined than you normally would be.

More accountability and discipline in your life.  This ultimately will lead to a larger net gain because you’re taking things more seriously.  With more urgency, you completely understand that you have to deliver within the timeframe.

This changes everything because it’s real.  It’s not a phantom type of thing.  It’s something that you committed to.  You love seeing the opportunity and its potential.  You’re excited about what it can be like.  This is all driven through more accountability.

#2 The Deadline

When there’s a deadline, the mission is more concrete.  Deadlines bring more absolutes, more non-negotiables, and a starting & ending point.  It’s something that your brain can grab a hold of and say, “I know I’m signing up for this.”

When you have a deadline or a date on the calendar, it creates something different in your life.  A lot of people wander aimlessly.  When you’re not wandering aimlessly, when you actually have a roadmap to where you’re going, that changes everything.

#3 The Reward

Look, I’m fully aware of how I grew up and how things were.  Getting a Rolex was totally outside of the norm.  Especially for free, or for winning a contest to change my body and increase my confidence.

Even second place pays out $5,000 in cash.  That is a lot of money.  $3,000 in cash for third place is a lot of money.  It’s a bonus I’d never received, especially early in my career.  Thinking about the reward could definitely move the needle for you in a big way.  Meaning it’s something that’s pretty serious.  Once again, this forces more discipline, accountability, and urgency in your life.

It’s a reward that maybe you didn’t even know you wanted, but now when you understand what it’s about, everything changes.  The Rolex is a passed down, keepsake, generational type of item…. especially when it carries a unique story right out the gate.  Rewards will drive a different behavior.  That’s how we work.

#4 Build Self-Confidence

It’s what we’re all here to do.  It’s why you joined the site.  It’s why you bought Max Effort supplements and why you go to the gym.  It’s all based around self-confidence.  We all want to feel better about ourselves.

Let’s face it.  The reason why I lifted weights is because I wanted to be more confident in sports, be more confident to go pick up chicks, and be more confident overall.  I wasn’t born this way.  I built this.  And, if you’re building it, you’re always building it.  Building it is always part of the process.

We want to feel good when we look in the mirror.  We want to think that we look good and we want to be able to have our chest puffed up a little bit more.  We want to walk with a little more confidence.  We want to operate within our lives with more confidence.  A scenario such as this does just that because it’s so far from the ordinary.

#5 What’s Truly Possible + Ultimate Separation

We’ve knocked out items 1-4, but there’s always that, “Did I ever really go all-in?  Did I ever get my chance to really look the way that I think I can?  Have I ever really forced ultimate discipline to show myself what’s actually possible?  Or did I self-sabotage myself?  Did I not go all-in?  Did I skip workouts?  Did I give in?

Now my brain is much more wired in and dedicated.  It understands what’s really possible out here.  Have I ever put myself in the environment to really reach my full potential?  What’s actually possible?  And if I achieve what’s possible, what comes with it?

I think about the Abraham Lincoln quote.  “To see and touch is no belief at all.  To believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  That’s what it is.  You have to believe that you can achieve this look, body, strength, or whatever it is.  For years all I did was daydream about how things could be.  Then, getting there would put me in a very small percentage of the population.  So, what’s really possible?

Take Advantage

You must take advantage, especially when there’s an environment and stage set up from a person like myself.  Someone that understands what’s going to drive true success.

It’s exactly what I did.  I took what I do with myself all the time and wrapped a contest around it, put the resources around it, and put money on the line to help create a similar environment.  The community, the urgency, the excitement, the reward, the deadline, and the timeframe.

I’ve seen this blueprint work for over 20 years, and I put it together so we all can experience it.  Truly dedicating yourself over the next 12 weeks and beyond will boost your self-confidence with both your body and mind to take you to the next level.


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