#56 Next Level Reach

Have you ever felt so lasered-in and motivated, that it feels like you’re on a different playing field?  Have you ever felt that the next goal on your list is just slightly out of reach? 



I have been obsessed with dunking my entire life.  My dad was obsessed, but just couldn’t do it.  In high school I was able to dunk for a very short time, but I knew that things were going to be much different at an older age.

I'm waking up with a new level of intensity and vigor.  I’m both excited and nervous.  I understand the amount of discipline required to get my weight down, to do the extra knee training, and to take on the extra jump practice.

I have to be ready.  I have to get everything I can aligned for me to be able to realize this goal.


What’s Your Version?

Maybe it’s to establish an ab line by the time you hit the beach.  Maybe you want to hit a certain weight so you can fit into the pants you bought.  Maybe you want to look good in your dress shirt at work.  What is it?  What’s the goal that's just out of reach?  It's got you on fucking edge, but in a good way.  You’re in new territory and you’re pushing your boundaries of comfort.


The Difference

It will make all the difference, especially within the crazy world we live in.  It's allowed me to get inside my head and say, "G, at about 42 years old, you're going to attempt to do something you did when you were 17."

I might've got a mini ball down.  I might have got up there, but I was always in pain.  That's why I quit.  It was never anything I could do consistently.  It was never at an obsessive level.  This time it will be, and I’m willing to put in the fucking work.  I'm getting up a half hour earlier.  I haven't really talked about that, but I'm getting up at 2:30am.  Getting up at 2:30, leaving my house at 3:00, and at the gym at 3:30.  I want it.


Forward Progress

I'm excited I woke up at a new weight to start the week.  It's where I left off last week.  I'm excited about where I could be on Thursday.  I'm excited about making four minutes on my isometrics with 185 pounds on my back.  I'm making progress. All the things I'm learning, all the things I'm working on, it's all new.

I'm uncovering all kinds of great performance stuff.  I'm uncovering a bunch of stuff about myself.  I'm locked in for something that's just a little bit out of reach.  The rim is getting lower and lower.  I want to experience a type of athleticism at an effortless level.  Boom.


It Doesn’t Matter

No matter what it is, it must feel like this inside.  I've done so many fucking bodybuilding shows, appeared on plenty of magazine covers, and competed in a bunch of powerlifting meets.  At the time, many of those numbers and looks were a little out of reach.

What else was out of reach?  After I ripped my fucking shoulder up last year, I made the decision to forego surgery and signed up for a bodybuilding show.  Talk about a process that was uncomfortable as shit.  I went on to win my natural pro card as a physique competitor.  That whole process was a little out of reach because I could barely do anything.  I could barely bench the bar.  I couldn't do a push-up on my knees.  

But I set a goal that was out of reach.  Every day I woke up and knew how to do all these things just to kind of be okay, three months from then so I could get on stage.  And I was not just kind of okay.  I did well.


The Pressure

The pressure is on.  The pressure to become more durable.  The pressure to learn more.  The pressure to get my weight down.  The pressure to drill down the timing and consistency.  It’s out of reach just enough to get me out of bed feeling on fire.

What’s even better… All the stuff I'm doing, all the stuff I'm learning, and all the stuff I'm teaching is going to apply when I go back to powerlifting.  It's all going to apply when I go back to bodybuilding.  It's going to make me better because I’m doing something I’ve never done before.


It's Gonna Happen

You may or may not have seen me like this before.  I’m on fucking point because I’m bringing it.  Don’t get it twisted, I will dunk that basketball.  I’m going to get that gold chain.  I’m going to have fun doing it too, because I want this.

I want it for myself.  I want to showcase that it's possible.  I want to showcase it to my kids.  Dad can still do some shit.  You better bottle this swag up.  It’s going to be one million after I fucking reach this.  It’s a confidence I know.


Just Like You

Just like you can get those abs.  Just like you can lose that weight.  Just like you can do that show or get that pro card.  Whatever your goal is, just know, it's just about consistency.  Consistency and pushing yourself.

If you don't have that next level goal right now, that's just a little out of reach, please, please, after you read this, write one down.  


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