#58 Public Accountability

Social media has connected the world in good and bad ways.  Here’s a way you can use social media as a powerful tool to accomplish your goals. 


Public Knowledge

Are your goals public?  Why make them public?  The pressure.  It’s good to have a little bit of pressure on you.  It’s like they say, “Pressure creates diamonds.” 

What’s on your list?  Is it a powerlifting meet, bodybuilding show, or losing a certain amount of weight?  During a pandemic, my dunk goal made all the sense in the world.  The timeframe and situation were on point.  Putting it on social media for my friends, family, and followers to see has put the right amount of pressure on to take it more seriously.  I'm not getting any damn younger, so I needed to take advantage.  


Rectifying Issues

Public accountability and taking things more seriously have allowed me to fix my knees.  Through the hard work, dedication, and consistency, I can feel my natural abilities and performance coming back.  I feel athletic, durable, lean and younger.  It feels good.  People have been asking me how the progress is coming too.  Friends, family, and people around town.  I’ve always talked about wanting to dunk, but never went all in.


Whatever it is

Public accountability.  The goal and the timeline are set.  Whether it’s losing 20 pounds, going on a lunge streak, getting a promotion, or benching 300 pounds.  Put it out there.  Put it out there and discover the difference it makes for yourself.

It ensures that I don’t fuck up my eating on Sunday, because I know where my weight needs to be on Monday morning.  Each week has a new target.  Slowly dripping down my weight is going to allow me to throw down on the rim.


Lock it in

Put it in place.  Public accountability breeds more discipline.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Most of your family and friends will see what you have in the works. 

Put yourself out there, make sure it’s reasonable, and put a little pressure on yourself.  Show what’s possible. 


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  • Jon Jackson

    I’ve always thought the same thing, by putting it out there, my goals and my accomplishments would help motivate me and others around me. I found to get more hate than love unfortunately, but only from the people close to me. I’ve gotten more positive feedback from complete strangers than my own fam. Only recently I’ve put into consideration good and bad vibes for what I want to accomplish. I started thinking if I put it out there I’d introduce more negative energy from those wishing for me to fail. I plan on entering the I want abs contest 2022, for no other reason than to win and get back to who I know I am inside. On top of that I need to balance it with helping my brother work on his mechanic business get off the ground ( which he gets passed, because I won’t be there to help as much) and my normal 7am – 3:30 day job where I work as a die setter ( blue collar baby) dirty hands clean money! 👊.

    Its giving me a full plate, but I look forward to it. This comment section is giving me the ability to put it out there while avoiding the negative vibes from the people wishing for my failure. I know you guys are rooting for my success though. #business&biceps💪 #MaxEffortMafia

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