#67 When the Doubt Creeps In


Why and when does the doubt creep in?  Are you off your schedule, down or stressed?  Is your diet off?  Are you not feeling as strong?  Are you off your streak?  Everything comes into play here; it doesn’t matter what it is.  All of these factors can throw you off the path and mess with you.  Doubt seeps in when things are out of sync.


The Flip Side

You have a streak going.  Take when I did the Bulgarian 30 with my son Alex.  I was starting to doubt myself because I wasn’t feeling as explosive.  I wanted something to jump-start my explosiveness. 

Having a streak allows you to shake hands (as John Broz says) with the bar on a daily basis.  This was something that I could do with my son to get both of us stronger and more explosive.

What are the chances you’ll do something like this with your old man?  I pitched the idea to him, and he agreed.  This was going to be a great opportunity to get back in the groove with my front squats and cleans.  When your clean and squat numbers go up, you’ll jump higher, get stronger, and throw a baseball faster.  It’s just a fact.

The result?  Increased confidence.  My diet and weight are back where it needs to be.  I’m back in my normal environment.  I’m feeling good and believing in myself.  Everything that needs handled is taken care of.   The doubt that was creeping in is retreating.


Second Guessing

You don't think you can get these abs, or you're second guessing yourself.  When things are out of place, it’s hard to believe.  So, when the doubt creeps in, there's a few things that need to happen.  One, you need to go through the checklist.  Do I have items in my life that are 100% non-negotiable?  I’m talking about those things that your body and mind rely on. 

Go back to the material that you know makes the difference.  For me, it's Andrew Carnegie and the books How to Raise Your Own Salary or The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie as Told by Napoleon Hill.  It's released in two titles.  These two books keep everything above water for me.  Throughout your life, you're going to have to find the things that get you back on track.  Then, when the doubt creeps in, you’ll be able to push it out just as fast as it came in.  Not by just thoughts, but by actions. 

People always say, "When the negative thought comes in, just push it out."  Yes, that's true, but it's all about the taking action to continue pushing them out.  I've gone months and months where the doubt doesn't even come in at all because of these practices.


Where is it?

Where's the spot that's going to get it back on track?  A non-negotiable streak, teaching my kid, believing in myself, getting back on my diet, not being inflamed.  The lunge streak is highly important.  A lunge streak is a great way to jump-start your metabolic level.

Keep a positive mindset, especially when you feel the doubt creeping in.  As soon as the negative thought enters your mind, immediately flip it to the opposite to push it right back out.  Make it happen.


Take Action

When the doubt creeps in, push it out.  Don’t just push it out, but actually take action.  Don’t let it in.  When you build your confidence to this level and it doesn't seep in, you're unstoppable.


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