#71 Exceeding Expectations

If you want to progress in life, get the nod at work, or get someone to believe in your service, you can’t just meet expectations.  You must exceed expectations whenever possible.  When I work on a new deal or relationship, I analyze all angles.  What is this group expecting from me, and how can I exceed those expectations? 

Our team’s quality of work is next level.  Our understanding of the space is next level.  The reps we’ve put in up to this point are next level.  This instills the confidence we need when it comes time to step up to the big stage.


Bring Your Game

If you're continuing to bring game, that's when people are like, "How do I not put this person in that position?  How do I not give this person the nod for the promotion?  How do I not try this person's service?"  

If people follow me regularly, they will more than likely start saying things like, "How do I not learn from this guy for nine bucks a month?"  How do I not want this person on my Board of Directors?  Consistently exceeding expectations is the key.



Andrew Carnegie spoke about this subject all the time.  There are multiple ways to go about it.  There's the person that simply does what they're told.  That means you're meeting expectations.  Then, there’s the person that doesn't do even close to what they're told.  That means they aren’t meeting expectations.  Then there's the person, that not only does what they're told, but then goes over and above on such a consistent basis that they create their own pay

Andrew Carnegie talked about paying Charles Schwab over a million dollars in the early 1900's.  That's a crazy amount of money, especially back then.  He easily could have paid him less, but he was highly valuable because he constantly exceeded expectations.


Over & Above

Think about your day to day.  I have this task, but how do I do this task, plus some?  How can I provide more value?  That thought is constantly flowing through my brain.  

I may not have it right 100% of the time, but I’m constantly thinking about the way I operate.  That’s the expectation.  The expectation of yourself should be to exceed expectations, never to just meet them, and surely not to come in below the mark.


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