#78 Your Daily Fire

What’s it mean?

Daily Fire.  What is it?  What’s your take?  For my boy, Dose, he thinks of the haters out there.  Believe me, there are many on the roadway to success.  He got kicked out of a gym a few years ago but persevered all the way through to opening his new gym in Texas.  A lot of people give up and surrender when they lose their job, or something doesn’t go as planned.

The more success you experience, the more haters you have.  It’s just how it is.  If people are talking smack about you and you’re doing great things, then chances are, you’re doing something right.  On the days you’re tired or don’t feel like putting in the work, think of those people.



I think about Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech.  He used to talk about those people that stoked his fire.  A lot of the time they had no clue that they were a part of his fire.  You have the haters you’re aware of, and the haters you’re unaware of. 

The haters don’t want to see me get up at 3am.  The haters don’t want to see me do this or that again.  Why?  Because I’m wearing them out.  I play these mind games too, just like MJ did, to continue fueling the fire.

MJ spoke about a roommate he had in college that was ranked higher than him.  He may have been a nice guy, but he was a part of the fire that pushed him to be a better basketball player.  He went down his list.  I can cite numerous examples of things or people that have stoked my fire throughout my career too.


I Won’t Be Worn Out

You can’t wear me out.  I want those haters to scroll on Instagram, see what I’m doing and be like, “Damn, this motherfucker again.”  All the way to the point where they stop paying attention or unfollow me.  That means I’ve won. 

There’s no complacency.  “The daily fire is the daily fire,” as Dose says.  Consistency always wins.  It’s the Mamba Mentality.  It means something different to everyone, but you have to bring the fire every day.

You find out what you’re made of when you go through the adversity.  Something goes wrong in business, people don’t believe in you, or your business partner relationships falter.  What happens when shit hits the fan?  Are you a Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant?


Absorb the Haters

Absorb and keep climbing.  Kobe talks about expecting to hit the jumper.  He can expect to hit it because he’s practiced it thousands of times.  It’s just another jumper.  It’s not about the pressure or time, it’s about the preparation

Everything that I’ve done in my career has built layer after layer of confidence within myself.  That’s the confidence that you want to be able to count on when you need it most.

Are you too comfortable with what you have going on?  Then, all of a sudden, you hear someone chirping.  That chirp may be exactly what you need to get your ass in gear.


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