#81 Torch the Complacency

Can’t Hurt Me

Torch the Complacency.  Straight from David Goggins.  I love the way he dissects everything.  If you can look those things in the eye that you’re complacent with, then you know what you have to do… torch that motherfucker.  Look at it and be like, "I know I'm getting laxed on that.  I know I could require more out of myself.  I know I should be pushing more.  I just fucking know it.”


It's Hard

It’s extremely difficult to come to terms with it… but we have no choice, right?  We can look at our relationships, our careers, and our business, and find the spots where we’re getting too comfortable.  Self-awareness is the key.  Keep it at the forefront of your mind.  You’re not going to be good at everything.  It’s just not how it works.  Torch the complacency to make yourself better.



Lunges.  This is one of the things I run into all the time with people.  They love lifting weights but are just getting through the lunges.  Nah, you have to push the pace.  You have to push the distance.  You have to push the intensity.  It all wraps together.  You don't cut it one rep short.  All the small things add up to something significant. 



Think about when you battle injuries.  Are you still able to do everything, or do you have to temporarily move to something else until you heal up?  It was the same scenario when I injured my QL from catching a clean weird.  My lunge game suffered as a result.

What’d I do?  I walked.  I walked 45 minutes to get in some sort of GPP work.  I’m still feeding my mind just like I did during my lunges.  There’s always something else you can do.  You can fucking walk, you can do your thing.  You can do the step mill.  You can do the VersaClimber.  You can do something.  Is it optimal to lunge?  Yes, because I believe that it’s the secret sauce. 

I still had to check myself.  I flipped the longer walk into an opportunity to study more.  It gave me an hour and a half of study.  So of course, I'm going to be sharper.  Of course, I'm going to feel better about it.


Take Inventory

Look at everything.  See where you need to up your game.  See where you need to light the torch.  Ask yourself, “What’s going to make the difference?”  Then, when you torch the complacency and replace it with consistency, the growth you will experience will be off the charts.  Review the game, pick the holes, light the torch, replace it, and go get it.


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