#90 Embrace the Rage

A lot of work is done in the shadows.  In the mornings.  By yourself.  It's not glorified.  It's not easy.  It's cold.  It's dark.  That's the kind of shit I came from.  That’s the kind of stuff that’s drumming inside of me.  I'm taking risks, pushing myself, and trying to create separation to take myself to the next level.  I rely on the rage of what got me here.  Rage is a powerful word, but it's the reality of what my situation was.


I Was Mad

I was so fucking mad about my situation, and eventually it turned into rage.  I was mad that my trailer roof was caving in.  My uncle literally had to come over to install a brace to keep it up.  I had to push snow off the top every year.

I was mad that I had to buy shoes from my dude’s yard sale down the street… two years after he wore them.  I was mad that my dad was on strike from the fucking coal mine.  I was mad when we were forced to heat our trailer with the oven in the kitchen because we didn’t have enough money for oil.  I was mad that there was zero financial talk, only hardship.  I was mad that my dad didn't pay much attention to me.  I was mad that I wasn't a starter on my athletic teams.  I wasn’t the strongest or fastest.  I thought it was going to get me out of that trailer, but it didn’t fucking happen.

Things weren’t happening how I wanted them to happen.  I didn't understand.  My mom was just trying to survive, but I was fucking tired of that shit.  


The Rage

The rage became fire.  The fire took me to an entirely new level.  As I take on risks, I rely on these items of rage.  Some people are worse off than others.  Some people are dealing with some shitty situations, but everyone has something. 

Starting out, I knew that my shit was going to be wildly different, but I didn’t know how yet.  I just knew because I wasn't willing to consent to continue the same path.  I had to embrace the fucking rage.

You don't change things until you're actually fucking tired.  How tired are you of the way you look?  Are you tired of how you’re being treated?  I was done.  I was done being the poor kid with only one door handle and climbing through the passenger side. 

Are you tired of your situation?


Do You Want to Change?

Do you really want to change?  Motherfucker, I want to change, and I still want to change.  That's why I do what I do.  There's a rage inside me that doesn't go out.  It might be different from time to time, but it doesn’t go away.

It doesn't matter what's happened in my life, how much money I made, or who I fucking know.  It’s there.  It’s what I rely on when I take big risks and when I need a push.  If you don't tap into that, it’s much harder to go to the next level.


Ask Yourself

What are you so mad about?  What do you want to change so much that you're willing to go the next fucking level of work, belief, and personal development?  That's what you have to ask yourself.  That's how you make a fucking difference.  I'm fucking changing everything because I want it at a different level.  You have to want it.  That's the real rate.  It's fucking real.


Why It’s Different

My mom texted me about being up $17k on her Tesla stock.  Do you understand the difference of financial IQ in my family now?  My nine-year-old son gave me $40 he made from working at the office to invest in the market. 

That's the type of shit I'm talking about.  That's the next level shit.  It's not only because of me, but a lot of it is, and I’m proud of that shit.  That’s why I got up at 3:00am today.  It took fucking 20 years, but I was willing to put in the fucking time to change everything forever.


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