#93 In the Tough Spots, Give More

I’ve had these kinds of things come up off and on throughout my career.  Have you ever had to deal with something that you knew was going to suck?  Something that has drug out for far too long.  Something that you knew probably wasn’t going to turn out the way you wanted it to.  At the end of the day, it is what it is.


Giving Back

What can you intentionally do to make this day a little better?  Ask yourself this question regularly, especially on the days you know are going to be difficult.  On the way to the office, I see this homeless man every now and again.  Today I decided to hand him a 20-dollar bill and said, “Merry Christmas.”  This particular guy looked like he was having a very rough time, so I tried to brighten his day just a little bit.

Another thing my wife and I do every year is deliver toys to a couple of families for Christmas.  It’s a longer process, but a process that is way worth it.  I wish I could see these kids' faces light up whenever they see these presents.  These are people I’ll never meet.  I don’t do it for a bunch of families, but it’s really cool to be able to give back in that way.

As we’re donating these toys, the lady working there was talking about her daughter not being able to purchase anything for her kids.  She wasn’t asking for us to buy them something, but rather just having a conversation.  Rachael and I were walking back to the car and I was like, "We should buy some gift cards and give them to that lady to give to her daughter.”  Nothing crazy, just a few gift cards.  I don’t know this lady, but she was extremely grateful when we gave them to her when we got back.


Giving More

I try to make a conscious effort to go the extra mile.  To give just a little bit more and to try to better understand the situation at hand.  I don’t typically talk about these sorts of things because I don’t need a pat on the back.  This had nothing to do with how much it cost.  This had everything to do with intention. 

So, when you’re dealing with some dumb shit, ask yourself, “How can I turn this day into something positive?  How can I help someone in need?  How can I flip the script?”  My wife plays a huge role with keeping my head above water.  Sometimes I can get a hot head and just want to shut it down, but she’s helped me get through so many things.


Any Way You Can

There’s always something you can do.  Big or small.  It doesn’t have to be monetary or material.  It could be your time.  It could be just calling someone that needs to talk.  There are many different ways you can give back.

We’re all still eating shots from 2020.  We’re going to continue eating shots throughout our entire life.  We’re all taking on damage.  The key is to look through the shots.  How can you make today into an opportunity, not a complete loss?  Find a window.


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