#46 Don’t Let Others Steal Your Dreams

It sounds cliché, and maybe even bullshit, but here’s what happens…. It could be a family friend, your uncle, your friend, your parents, or a coworker.  Simply put, they don't know what you're willing to do.  They don't know what you aspire to be.  They can never know how important it is to you or how much passion you have around a certain item, a certain business, or a certain hobby.  No one could ever understand how much I like lifting weights and helping people because it's inside of me.


The First Time

I remember the first time a person told me, “Well, this person couldn’t do that.  What makes you think that you could do it?”  Well, the first time this happened was when I was working at a gym but getting ready to start my own gym.  One of the guys there told me that I couldn’t do it.  The guy told me I couldn't succeed.  He compared me to some fucking chick down the street who failed.  

I thought to myself, "Motherfucker you don't know me.  You don't know what I'm willing to do.  You don't know the hours I'm going to put in.  You don't know the fucking fire I bring.  You don't know the passion.  You don't know the struggle I've been through.  You don't know my aspirations.  You ain't got a fucking clue.  So how could you tell me that?  How the fuck could you tell me I can't do it?  You know what you tried to do?  Motherfucker, you tried to steal my dream."  

I didn't let him.


Don’t Let Them

Don't let them take your dream because they don't know what you're about.  If you let it be taken away from you that easy, then you really don’t deserve to pursue it.  I'm telling you, that's the key.  

People don't try to intentionally hurt you; they're trying to do what's best for you.  They want to coddle you.  They want you to be safe.  This ain't safe.  To get the true freedom that you want with the passion, with the purpose and to do what you love to do is not fucking safe.

Even if these people care about you, don't let them steal your dream.  No matter if you love them, no matter if they're related to you, it doesn't matter.  You cannot take advice from somebody that hasn't lived it.  I just don't do it.  I'm not going to go to somebody that's never had abs to fucking teach me how to get abs.  I'm never going to go to someone that's never made a million dollars to teach me how to make a million dollars.  You understand what I'm saying?  

You have the control.  No one can understand the fire inside of you, except for you.  I knew that person who doubted me wasn’t willing to do what I was willing to do.  I was 20 years old at the time and they were 50.  I knew they didn’t possess what I had.  I believed in it when no one else could fucking see it. 

Don’t let motherfuckers steal your dreams because they’re putting their own fears on you.  If you do, then you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks.  I wasn’t willing to do that, and neither should you.  If you want it bad enough, it doesn’t matter what others will say, it matters what you do.


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