#111 I Chose to Win Today

Felt a little tired.  Workout didn’t go well.  But I kept looking for it.  I kept looking for a spot.  I’ve always looked at the glass half-full.  It’s the way I choose to live my life.  You can choose to win, or you can choose to lose.  Circumstances change things from time to time, but you ultimately still choose the outlook.


Looking For the Bright Spot

I’m looking for something to feel better.  Training didn’t go well, nor did it feel good.  I got down on myself, just like we all do.  Then I started thinking, “You’re not done yet.  You’re on your fourth day of 800 meters.  

If you’ve ever been on a lunge streak, you know the first five to 12 days are the absolute worst.  It doesn’t matter what level you’re at.  It doesn't matter if you're a fucking world champion.  That first week kicks your ass, your body adapts, and then everything changes.

My workout probably didn’t fare well because I was fucking smoked.  I’m literally peeling myself out of my truck and everything feels rickety.  Then, I just thought to myself, "Break your fucking time at the track.  Give it everything you fucking got."  In my lunge career I’ve had way faster times, but right then I beat my time by over a minute… three minutes actually.  It’s because I chose to fucking win today.


It's Easy

It’s easy to play the victim card and automatically say that today fucking sucks, or that’s just the way it is.  Alternatively, you can choose to be the fucking victor.  You can look at shit with the glass half-full.  You can go and seize what's yours.

I didn't think to myself, “Oh man, I still have to fucking lunge.  Oh my gosh, it's going to be so tough.  My fucking workout sucked.  Today's going to suck.  I'm fucking tired.”

You still have the opportunity to win today.  Not every day is Christmas at the gym, but you still have a chance to win.  You have the opportunity to turn something negative into something positive.  To take in some positive material, push yourself, continue a streak, beat a time, and flush negative thoughts from your mind.  Choose to win.


Give it Everything

Everything you got, whether it’s your best time or your worst time.  Even if you’re lying on the ground when you’re done, like I was at the end.  Give it everything you got.  When you know that you’ve given something every ounce, how is that not a motherfucking win? 

The process isn’t easy.  Even though it’s difficult, you have to keep coming back.  That’s why I’ve been successful in my life and career.  It’s not because I’m great, it’s because I don’t fucking stop.  I choose to be the victor each day.  I’m coming back for more.


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