#21 The Art of Showing Up


Not every day is created equal.  Not every day will feel great.  The energy & excitement won’t always be there.  You won’t always feel optimistic about your results.  The day’s outside stressors such as family, work, etc. oftentimes throw a wrench in your daily schedule.  It’s NEVER all the way right.  It usually falls somewhere in the middle between the two extremes.

Between the opposites you must learn to master the Art of Showing Up.  No matter where you fall on the spectrum, showing up produces a consistent feeling and result of achievement.


“It’s NEVER all the way right.”

It’s uncomfortable to make yourself do something, especially in the beginning, with something you know will be difficult.  Maybe it’s getting up early, adjusting to the style of the workout program, or introducing more discipline in your life.  It’s uncomfortable.  No one repeatedly experiences success without constant exposure to uncomfortable situations.

The times I’ve been tired and stressed out I tell myself, “Just put one foot on the floor.  Just put two feet on the floor.  Get to the mirror in the bathroom to look at yourself to let yourself know that you gotta go.  Just put your shoes on, then get in the car.”  A lot of people out there don’t think that’s the case for me, but sometimes it’s at that level.

Even though fitness is what I love and do for my job, I still experience the same emotions and challenges as you.  Business, work, and family stress, the list goes on.  There is A LOT going on in today’s world.

If you master the art of showing up, it makes everything you tackle each day easier.  Create the things that produce quality habits because it will make everything less difficult.  Once you have a good energy going, the blood is flowing, and the brain is sharpened from Lunging & Learning, life becomes easier to handle, tackle and more optimistic. 


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