Brain Master 1000: Laser Focus, Big Performance

By Don Laubenthal, M.S., CSCS
Professor - Exercise Science

We have all heard the terms, “in the zone,” or “laser focus,” while we watch great athletes perform. When someone has laser focus, it seems like they cannot be stopped, and their performance is far greater than the average person. So, what is “laser focus,” and how can we reach such levels of performance? Well, scientifically speaking, the term laser focus refers to the mind and body functioning together at peak performance. The central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, controls virtually everything in the body. For the body to perform well, the brain must perform well. In fact, to remain focused and alert on your job, in school, while driving, or while training, the central nervous system must be functioning well.

Your central nervous system controls the total number of muscle fibers that will be activated during your workout. If the central nervous system is functioning well, the brain will enable you to activate a large percentage of motor units (Motor Neuron plus all the Muscle Fibers it controls) which will enable you to lift heavier weight or move weight faster. If the CNS is fatigued, then fewer motor units will be activated and less weight can be moved, which can be extremely frustrating. The CNS also controls the size of the motor units that are activated, so when we lift heavy weights, or we perform a set to fatigue, the CNS will not only activate more motor units, but it will activate the larger motor units, which produce more force.

The image above provides an example of how motor unit recruitment should work, as the weight on the bar gets heavier, the CNS activates more and larger motor units to produce more force.

What happens when the CNS is tired, or we are not motivated? The CNS does not recruit as many motor units, and we noticed we have less strength, energy, focus, and ability. So how can we enhance our CNS and provide laser focus and improved performance? Max Effort Muscle Brain Master 1000 is the answer. This product contains a blend of nootropics, caffeine, and nutrients to help our CNS reach peak performance. Whether you are taking a test at school, or moving heavy weight in the gym, Brain Master 1000 will get you laser focused and ready to perform.

Nutrients like Deanol Bitartrate (DMAE) improve brain health and function by acting as a building block for a critical neurotransmitter, Acetycholine, which plays an important role in the conduction of nerve signals in the brain and nervous system. Also, Huperzine A plays an important role in memory, cognitive function, and Acetylcholine production. These two products help our CNS perform well and they can help us establish the mind muscle connection. What is the mind muscle connection?

There has been plenty of research on this topic, and here is what is known. It is all about the mental focus. There is an internal focus, where we focus on specific muscle activation, such as telling someone to squeeze their glutes while deadlifting or focus on their biceps while curling. There is also an external focus where we focus on external performance, such as when you tell someone to push themselves away from the bar while bench pressing. Both areas of focus appear to have their advantages, and both are proven to be essential for the person who is serious about training.

Studies have shown that internal focus can increase muscle fiber activation patterns from 60% of the muscle’s fibers to 80% during a given exercise. This means more muscle fibers activated and overloaded, which leads to increased muscle fiber adaptations (Gainz!!). Bodybuilders have used internal focus for many years to enhance muscle development, and now research verifies the efficacy of this focus technique.

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For those interested in performance, External Focus seems to be the key component to moving more weight, moving weight faster, jumping higher, running faster, etc. External Focus seems to create greater neuromuscular coordination, which enables the neuromuscular system to increase the rate of force development and synchronize muscle contractions in such a way that greater force and speed can be generated. Think about great weight training cues, such as push the ground away from you while squatting. Almost immediately, by focusing on an external cue, the squat feels better, and more weight can be lifted.

Brain Master 1000 can improve this mind muscle connection and it can also give our CNS a little boost when we feel a little tired. Although there is not a large amount of caffeine is Brain Master 1000, there is just enough to wake up the CNS and improve our focus and performance. The blend of 3 different types of caffeine, caffeine citrate, Di-caffeine malate, and caffeine anhydrous provides a nice boost without the caffeine crash. The presence of malate in Di-caffein malate will also help to prevent stomach discomfort which sometimes occurs with caffeine. The total caffeine content is about the same as a cup of coffee.

One final ingredient in Max Efforts Brain Master 1000 is Black Pepper Fruit Extract, which aids in brain health, gut health, nutrient absorption, anti-inflammation, and is an antioxidant.

One capsule is all it takes to provide laser focus and improved performance in the gym, the classroom, or on the job. Try Max Effort Brain Master 1000 today!



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