Thomas Forbes-Johnson: Lost City Movie Star Loses 150+ Pounds


I found G 7/8 years ago when I was at my worse.

I had injured myself in a stunt accident. I couldn't even stand straight, let alone work out. When I was injured, I was 250lbs; 18 months later, I had put on 150lbs. Topped out at 400lbs. I started drinking and eating like like didn’t care. My mindset was so off I was I didn't even knowing where to start; that’s where G and his mindset came in.

Implementing Anabolic Fasting

I first started with implementing Anabolic Fasting.  I stutter stepped for a few months, making mistakes on timing, allowed food and even how I cheated, but even with these small change I had begun to add to my daily life made a huge difference. In 3 months, 35lbs down. I started to add in the monthly workouts G prescribed and started to dial in the AF protocol. I lost another 20lbs, 50lbs down. Then I got my head around Lunging instead of doing boring cardio.



I started on a Monday with the mindset of completing as many lunges as I could with out stopping, then I would stop, rest until the next day. The next day I would aim to hit the same amount of lunges, in the same amount of time. Side note, I couldn't hardly get out of bed on Tuesday as the 2 minuets 30 seconds of lunges I ended up doing crippled me. So, Tuesday was as much a mental challenge as it was physical. But, I achieved it and then again the next until I hit Monday once more. I added 2 and a half minuets to my daily  L&L. 5 minuets in total. By the end of two months I was lunging, after my workout at 4am, for a total of 30 minutes. All while listening to just music. 

When life changed was when I added audio books and educations podcasts while I lunges, I added the Learn to the program. My mind set changed, my work life had a new focus. Educating yourself on getting all your bullshit out on the table so you can see what is tripping you up is life changing everything. The Audio books G suggested started me down a road of self improvement. 


I landed my first acting role in 4 years, and I looked the part as well. 150lbs lost, fit and mentally strong. I became unstoppable. 5 years later I have a career I love, success I manifested with hard work and dedication. I walked my first red carpet last week for a movie I was a supporting actor (The Lost City).

If you want to change you world start with moving just an inch each day, you will be amazed how much you move at the end of a year. 

The formula, It's simple, you wanna make a big change in your life, start with small daily promise you keep to yourself.

You wake your ass up, get your ass to the gym, do something that pushes you mentally first thing in the morning, open your mind and just, never, miss.........It's, that, simple.

G you are my homie and I think you for the kick In the ass all those years ago. 

Watch out as I have only just got going!

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