What's In The Max Effort Muscle Test Booster?

by Cole Susac

There are a lot of supplements out there that boost testosterone but pump you up with artificial ingredients. Here at Max Effort we do things differently. Our Test Booster helps maximize the natural amount of testosterone your body produces and gets the most out of your training.


Pro-Tribulus is the top ingredient in the Max Effort Test Booster.  It is coined as "The Athletes Performance Aid."  The main purpose of Pro-Tribulus is to support natural testosterone production, build muscle, and help you lose fat while aiding in avoiding fatigue.  It also protects the organs like the kidneys and the liver against oxidative damages.  Pro-Tribulus is the only formula that is 100% guaranteed tribulus terrestris.  Tribulus terrestris is an herb found in the Southern Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. It has many different aspects that help to make the Test Booster efficient. Since we are all about maximizing during training these benefits will help give you the highest output of power.


Rhodiola, also known as Arctic root, is another ingredient that has many other functions on top of the release of natural testosterone. This specific herb helps to reduce stress levels, is a remedy for short attention spans and helps with memory. It is used in many other countries to make workers more productive and has shown an increase in strength and vitality.


Eurycoma longifolia is a shrub-tree grown in Southeast Asia and the root and bark from this tree are used for many things. The ones that interest us are the fact that it boosts athletic performance, especially in bodybuilding, and reduces body fat. Of course, it helps to increase testosterone but it increases endurance as well.


Our Test Booster, like all of our products have a variety of things that go hand-in-hand with helping accomplish your goals. Whether you just need a bit of extra energy, focus, or a little extra strength, we’ve got you covered. It can also help you out in the bedroom, but that’s just one of The Other Benefits.

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