Proper Plyometric Training

by Max Effort Muscle

Plyometric Session

by Coach Blake Desselle

What are Plyometrics?

Why should all athletes implement them in their training?

Plyometrics [plyo·​met·​rics]

: exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power. 


Drills aimed at linking optimal strength and speed during fundamental movement patterns. Quick powerful movements that utilize the Stretch Shortening Cycle(SSC).


Improves rate of force, increases storage of elastic energy, transfers energy without energy leaks.

Movement preparation:

An integrated approach to prepare the athlete physically and mentally for the demands of training and competition through a progressive and specific preparation period. 

Different forms of plyometrics:

  • Non-counter movement 
  • Counter movement 
  • Double contact
  • Continuous
  • Depth drop


  • Get the engine hot:
  • Increase body temp, full dynamic warm-up.

  • Movement preparation: 
  • Prepare the athletes for the demands of the session(ankle bounds, depth drops). This preps the ankle complex for the forces of the upcoming session. 

  • Variety of plyometrics:
  • Counter movement, non-counter movement, double contact, continuous(doesn’t have to be all). 

  • # of contacts:
  • 40-60 contacts per session for intermediate, 60-80 for advanced.

  • Intensity and Volume:
  • Intensity and Volume are inversely correlated. 

    Example: Cone hops might be for a longer duration than a counter movement box jump because the intensity is lower(High volume, low intensity)(Low volume, High intensity).

    Make sure this session does not turn into a conditioning session. I tend to do these early in the week as plyometrics are taxing on the CNS and I want to be as fresh as possible for them.

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