Should You Stretch at All?

Stretching has been the go-to pre-game warmup and remedy for minor sports injuries for decades. While that’s not the most effective method to deliver results, there are benefits to specific stretches.

Here are a few of the
best stretches to...

➡️ Help relieve minor aches & pains
➡️ Increase your mobility!


The Couch Stretch

The couch stretch is one of the most easiest and most simple stretches to perform.

How to Do It

➡️ Begin with your foot on the back of a bench or platform

➡️ Let your knee drop to the ground in front

➡️ With the non-stretching leg at 90 degrees, you should start to feel a nice stretch in your hip flexors

By flexing your glutes and changing your upper body angle, you can apply and relieve pressure to help relieve pesky hip flexor tightness.


Pancake Stretch

The pancake stretch is easy to perform, but can also be scaled to help strengthen the hip flexors and lower back.

How to Do It

➡️ Start sitting on the ground with your torso upright and your legs straight in front of you

➡️ Slowly widen your feet and reach towards your toes (you’ll reach to the middle).

➡️ Keep your chest upright to feel the stretch in your lower back and hips.

To increase difficulty, you can use a band or cable to pull your upper body deeper into the stretch, performing reps to help strengthen the low back and hip flexors.


Straight Leg Calf Stretch

Stretching the calves is one of the most overlooked areas of mobility. This simple, yet effective stretch will target the backside of your legs and leave you stretching muscles you didn’t know existed.

How to Do It

 ➡️ Find a slight slant and put your toe on it with the heel remaining on the ground

➡️ Gently lean forward while keeping your knee locked to stretch the full backside of your leg

Increase the slant or degree of lean to target this area more/less depending on what you need.

These 3 stretches will help unlock tight areas and help you prepare for performance!

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