#297 10 Year Expectation Blocks

 #297 10 Year Expectation Blocks

What do your next 10 years look like?

What are you going to be able to execute in the next block of 10 years? If you’re 20 years old now, what would you still like to be doing in your 30’s? If you’re 30, what would you still like to be doing in your 40’s? If you’re 40, what would you still like to be doing in your 50’s and beyond?

What’s your personal expectation? What’s your lifestyle look like?


Do your actions match?

Let’s say you’re 30 years old right now. Two things that you still want to be able to do when you’re 50 are snowboarding and weightlifting.

Then ask yourself, “Are my actions now contributing to me being able to do these things later in life?”

That's what you have to think about. Most people avoid this way of thinking because they can’t be honest with themselves. They think it’s going to be rainbows and butterflies all the time and they think that they’ll feel young forever.


Wake up!

Sometimes what people are doing, and what they think is going to happen, is some fictitious shit.

My suggestion? WAKE UP.

If you’re 40 and thinking, "I want to have this same lifestyle when I'm 60," you better double check your shit to make sure you can keep it up when you're 60.

Are you doing enough right now to stay strong both mentally and physically? Are you eating the right foods or are you eating like crap six out of seven days of the week? Are you keeping your body’s inflammation low? Are you moving? Are you working out? Are you making and keeping healthy relationships?


Shit’s about to get real

Ask yourself: “How do I want to operate at 50, 60, 70+ years old?”

Answering this question first is crucial. Doing so will help you chart a path for what you need to be doing now.

By taking preventative action and measures earlier in life, we can better equip ourselves to fend off disease later in life. Taking the steps now will help give you a better quality of life later.


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